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Do You Have A Viable Freelancing Career for this Year?

Do you still consider your online job as a viable freelancing career this year?

Freelancing has been earning its popularity among employees because of its numerous benefits. But, just like any other option, it also has its disadvantages such as working day and night, constantly proving yourself to the public, and financial-related concerns.

Today, companies both big and small have begun shifting their marketing budget to the Internet upon realizing the advancements it can do for them. Further, this trend presents new challenges and opportunities alike for marketing professionals, and so does the demand for digital marketing courses to give their expertise an upgrade.

With the increase in the number of individuals taking on freelancing jobs, do you as an individual consider it a viable freelancing career for 2016? To ensure profitability of your chosen path, specializing in online marketing might just be your best decision yet.

Advantages of Taking up Digital Marketing Courses

The digital hype is seen to amplify with the booming job market while brands turn their focus on the online platform. In 2016, digital marketing professionals can anticipate bigger budgets, increased pay, and wider career prospects, which in turn assures them of a viable freelancing career.

Are you considering a career turn or debating on what to take up next? Here are the benefits of having knowledge and skills in online marketing.

1. Increases your value to employers

Professionals who obtain an Internet marketing certificate have proven to possess skills valued by many employers hoping to compete in the fast-changing market. Going for that extra mile whether you’re interested in advancing your career or seeking other opportunities will come in handy.

2. Being an in-demand marketing professional

There are 150,000 digital jobs predicted by 2020, and not enough professionals equipped with digital skills will be able to fill them. This only means that those studying digital marketing will have a unique competitive advantage—gearing themselves up for a career where demand exceeds supply. Gaining a fresh set of skills and knowledge is a sure fire way to future-proof one’s career.

3. Solidifies your core concepts

Being educated by industry experts will hand you a better grasp of the core fundamentals of digital marketing. Having skills in social media marketing and gaining knowledge in other aspects of the field such as mobile marketing can be an empowering experience. This goes without saying that earning a certificate can increase your confidence as you set new goals.

4. Gains wider career prospects

Digital giants like Google, LinkedIn, and Twitter provide an abundant job opportunity for digital professionals. Rarely does a week go by without digital jobs being announced for multinationals, national brands, and even small to medium enterprises.

At the Web Summit, Taoiseach Enda Kenny announced 400 new digital jobs across a range of digital marketing roles, including social media. Moreover, LinkedIn is set to double its workforce to 1,200 staff. Meanwhile, Microsoft plans to hire 100 more digital graduates.

5. Gives knowledge to kick-start your own business

It is no secret that Internet marketing is an in-demand skill that entrepreneurs have previously used to launch successful enterprises. A traditional career in advertising, for instance, comprises a long wait for a coveted internship or graduate placement to open up before gaining experience and advancing your portfolio.

The digital marketing world, on the other hand, grants one an endless possibility for a new career.

Investing in building a powerful social media presence, gaining a steady number of Twitter followers, and starting your own blog can kick-start a new job for you.

It is inevitable that even marketing professionals need to broaden their expertise if they desire to aim high and help their companies remain profitable. As freelancers, you should do this as well to further your professional growth and truly reap the benefits of taking on a freelancing job.

3 Tips to Keep you Motivated with your Financial Goals

Certain misconceptions prevent us from achieving our desired financial goals. The misconceptions about wealth creation are most likely rooted from the values we learned inside our circles. Perhaps a friendly neighbor once shared that “money is evil” or someone from your clique think that don’t bother to work because they have rich parents.  Thus, you’ll only realize the importance money management when you experienced financial crisis or if you decide to seek education.

Contrary to some claims, there educational institutions that already teaching about entrepreneurship, economics and marketing even in elementary or high school.  It just that most students think that money management is another subject they need to pass. So the motivation is not there, only theories and information about the basic. It’s also irrelevant for many  to think about entrepreneurship and investing if they’re already conditioned that they only is to finish their study.  To graduate is equal to get a better job and high salary, right?

Here are the three key notes to consider if you want to become tenacious and persistent in achieving your financial goals:

  • Others’ ideas about money is their mere opinions

Hear their opinions out of respect, but don’t listen to their advice. Why? Their opinions may help you to analyze thing in your situation. After all not all that you read from books and watch on Youtube are applicable in your life and right now. What you need is to balance and adjust. Furthermore, you need to filter what you hear from other people.  Remember that their opinions are based on their ideas and backgrounds so they have biases.  If you really like to get great tips and objective ideas, go to the experts.

  • Rags to riches entails steps, not fairy god mothers

Don’t blame fairy tale stories and fantasy movies that entertain you about rags to riches.  The key there they just entertain the child in you. Instead, why not encourage the child in you to set goals to make your dreams come true.  Let him or her envision the possibilities you can do to overcome obstacles along the way.  You should know that to make your own success stories, you have to work hard seriously and diligently – no sugarcoated.

  • You can’t be rich by just sitting around

financial goals


Always think that to keep you motivated, you have continue to feed your mind with positive thoughts, learn out of the box, and socialize with motivational personalities.All right, there high paying jobs that involve sitting in front of the computer. However, you can’t expect successful businessmen and CEOs, even those who manufacture fantastic chairs, to just sit around inside their office. Perhaps they don’t even sitting on the same seat at all in a day.  The point here is to be able to attain your financial goals, you must do something. Definitely, there’s more to life other than watching your favorite series, updating your social media sites or even reading your business book.

Always think that to keep you motivated, you have continue to feed your mind with positive thoughts, learn out of the box, and socialize with motivational personalities.

3 Top Lies of Making Money Online

Are you thinking of breaking through the internet by making money online?

Surely, there’s a great potential of making a fortune from online based businesses. However, some think that the cyberspace is a scary place to make a business too.

Below are the three lies that you must be aware when making money online:

making money online (1)

Lie # 1: You can start with zero investment.

Whatever project you wanted to start with, you need to invest at least one of these things: time, money, or both.

There’s no magic sauce or short cut to online business success. Sure, there are online lessons that can guide you step-by-step. But, you can’t escape the learning part.

Your skills and passion can be different with what’s already online. For example, if you wanted to make money from Youtube videos, you need to understand and plan what videos you are going to upload.

If you wanted to make money from blogging, you must learn how to set up a website, publish articles, and learn search engine optimization.

Making money online is a clever place to start with. But, like other business, you can’t start with zero investment.

Lie # 2: Only scam businesses can make good amount of money online.

It’s true. There are people online who make money from scams. However, legit businesses can make greater amount of money.

You can earn from AdSense advertising, affiliate sites like Amazon, or online selling business.

You can also earn by giving services like social media management, article writing, accounting services, or web development.

Lie # 3 : You can easily and quickly make money from the internet.

Making money online also takes hard work. You need to study and keep yourself updated with the latest online trends. Sometimes, you also need to hire people to do the writing or marketing, and other services to build your business online.

It may take months or years before earning the profit.

The Disconnect Between Marketing and Creative Teams

Marketers vs. creatives: each group’s view of its own performance is rosier than the other’s view of it, especially regarding the delivery of final content that meets expectations and the provision of actionable feedback, according to a recent report from Visually.

The report was based on data from a survey of 220 marketers and 559 creatives (defined as writers, designers, and developers who create content for marketers).

Some 68% of the creatives surveyed say they succeed in delivering content that meets expectations. However, only 46% of the marketers surveyed say the creatives they work with consistently develop content that is up to par.

On the other side, 55% of marketers surveyed say they are good at giving actionable feedback, whereas only 36% of creatives say they receive high-quality feedback.

Most marketers surveyed say the creative team they work with succeeds in being consistent (53%), responding to feedback (52%), and asking questions (51%).

However, less than one-third of marketers say the creative team they work with succeeds in being transparent (29%), anticipating problems (27%), and staffing adequately (24%).

Most creatives (58%) surveyed say the marketing team they work with succeeds in using the content that is produced.

Less than one-third of creatives say the marketing team they work with succeeds in setting realistic deadlines (32%), giving timely feedback (29%), giving consistent feedback (28%), staying within the initial scope of a project (24%), creating clear project briefs (23%), sticking to established processes (23%), and sticking with initial briefs (18%).

About the research: The report was based on data from a survey 220 marketers and 559 creatives.

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4 Small Habits that can Improve Your Financial Status

Wealth is a habit. Believe it or not, your financial status today is greatly affected by your spending habits.

The great news is that you don’t need to become a finance or business graduate to improve your financial status.

Whether you are employed or making profit from businesses, here are some small finance habits that can create a great impact to grow your money:

improve your financial status

Write and Track

How much money are you spending every day? What are your major and minor expenses? If you find it hard to answer these questions quickly, then you might consider tracking your expenditure. This is necessary for personal expenses and business expenses as well. Tracking your money can save you and will not let minor money leaks ruin your budgeting.

Read and Study

When is the last time that you attended a seminar or read books that talk about ways to improve your financial status? You don’t need to hire a financial expert or become one. You just have to equip yourself with basic finance knowledge to properly manage your wealth.

You need to understand your own finances. Where are you today? Do you have debts? Or, are you already into saving and investing? Having a clear picture of your current financial status is important to help you achieve your financial goals.


Before spending, save. Pay yourself first. Spending your cash on wants and needs can take your money away without you noticing it. Sometimes, you’ll just ask: “Who took my hard-earned money?”

Sadly, many people are not consciously saving and end up with debt.

So, before spending, save and invest at least 10% of your income and profit. A trick to do this is to enroll your payroll account into an automatic saving plan.

You can ask your bank to automatically transfer a portion of your income a month on your saving account.


Investing is a great habit of growing your finances. However, not everybody knows that they can start with a small amount. Learn the different kinds of investing and grow your money over time.

Managing your money doesn’t have to be hard. Sometimes, all you need to have are habits that can help you improve your financial status properly.

The Future of Content Marketing is Video

If you are wondering what the future holds for content marketing? You might be saying that the next big thing is videos. If it is, then you probably are right.

Take a look at these reports.

Cisco reported that by 2019, video will account for 70- 80 percent of global internet traffic; nearly a million minutes of video will be shared every second; and it would take an individual 5 million years to watch all the video that will be shared each month.

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO, also announced that Facebook is generating 8 billion video views per day, during the companys third quarter review.

According to data from Facebook:

  • The number of video posts per person has increased 75 percent globally and 94 percent in the U.S.
  • The amount of video from people and brands in News Feed has increased 3.6 times year-over-year
  • More than 50 percent of people who visit Facebook in the U.S. every day watch at least one video

Snapchat, a new messaging platform, says that they’re receiving 6 billion daily video views—three times more compared to the data gathered six months ago.

Youtube, on the other hand has over a billion users and every day people watch hundreds of millions of hours on the video platform, generating billions of views. A notable 60% increase year over year, and a 40% increase in the number of people watching on this platform year over year since March 2014.


If you happen to be needing more reasons why video is the next big thing in content marketing, here’s why.

1. The average internet user will spend 90% more time on a website that has videos. If you are a businessman, you MUST be capitalizing on this trend and you have to assure that there are a lot of creative content for your brand, if you want your brand to gain conversions.

2. Videos on landing pages can increase conversion by as much as 85%. In the Philippines, an average video production will cost around P30,000.00 to P 100,000.00.  A large amount of traffic on your landing pages could convert 20% more customers. Do your math.

3. 65% of video viewers are likely to watch more than two-third of the video. Videos get higher rates of retention compared to text.

4. More people prefer video results than text. Videos prove to be ENGAGING, INTERESTING and EYE CATCHING. People tend to stay longer in a site that has videos. Remember to accurately state the titles of the videos which you upload on your website.

5. The click-through rates of emails that has video increases by 200% – 300%. Gone are the days of heavy text-based emails. They are now replaced by videos.  Ensure that the word ‘VIDEO’ is inserted in your subject line.

In 2016, This How Digital Marketing Will Change [Infographic]

Check out these eight predictions about what marketers will focus on in the new year and how technology will create changes in digital marketing, according to the following Signal infographic.

One change is that “improved people-based marketing options will give advertisers flexibility and control,” predicts Signal.

“In 2016, marketers will feel increased pressure to solve challenges like getting a clear view of the customer cross disparate data sources, connecting the past to a customer’s intent, and demonstrating attribution and ROI,” Signal states.

Another prediction stems from ad blocking being the new norm. This year, “better targeting, formats, and relevancy become essential,” states Signal. That’s because ad blocking could cost publishers as much as $41 billion.

To find out more about how digital marketing will change this year, tap or click on the infographic.