Certain misconceptions prevent us from achieving our desired financial goals. The misconceptions about wealth creation are most likely rooted from the values we learned inside our circles. Perhaps a friendly neighbor once shared that “money is evil” or someone from your clique think that don’t bother to work because they have rich parents.  Thus, you’ll only realize the importance money management when you experienced financial crisis or if you decide to seek education.

Contrary to some claims, there educational institutions that already teaching about entrepreneurship, economics and marketing even in elementary or high school.  It just that most students think that money management is another subject they need to pass. So the motivation is not there, only theories and information about the basic. It’s also irrelevant for many  to think about entrepreneurship and investing if they’re already conditioned that they only is to finish their study.  To graduate is equal to get a better job and high salary, right?

Here are the three key notes to consider if you want to become tenacious and persistent in achieving your financial goals:

  • Others’ ideas about money is their mere opinions

Hear their opinions out of respect, but don’t listen to their advice. Why? Their opinions may help you to analyze thing in your situation. After all not all that you read from books and watch on Youtube are applicable in your life and right now. What you need is to balance and adjust. Furthermore, you need to filter what you hear from other people.  Remember that their opinions are based on their ideas and backgrounds so they have biases.  If you really like to get great tips and objective ideas, go to the experts.

  • Rags to riches entails steps, not fairy god mothers

Don’t blame fairy tale stories and fantasy movies that entertain you about rags to riches.  The key there they just entertain the child in you. Instead, why not encourage the child in you to set goals to make your dreams come true.  Let him or her envision the possibilities you can do to overcome obstacles along the way.  You should know that to make your own success stories, you have to work hard seriously and diligently – no sugarcoated.

  • You can’t be rich by just sitting around

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Always think that to keep you motivated, you have continue to feed your mind with positive thoughts, learn out of the box, and socialize with motivational personalities.All right, there high paying jobs that involve sitting in front of the computer. However, you can’t expect successful businessmen and CEOs, even those who manufacture fantastic chairs, to just sit around inside their office. Perhaps they don’t even sitting on the same seat at all in a day.  The point here is to be able to attain your financial goals, you must do something. Definitely, there’s more to life other than watching your favorite series, updating your social media sites or even reading your business book.

Always think that to keep you motivated, you have continue to feed your mind with positive thoughts, learn out of the box, and socialize with motivational personalities.