Do you still consider your online job as a viable freelancing career this year?

Freelancing has been earning its popularity among employees because of its numerous benefits. But, just like any other option, it also has its disadvantages such as working day and night, constantly proving yourself to the public, and financial-related concerns.

Today, companies both big and small have begun shifting their marketing budget to the Internet upon realizing the advancements it can do for them. Further, this trend presents new challenges and opportunities alike for marketing professionals, and so does the demand for digital marketing courses to give their expertise an upgrade.

With the increase in the number of individuals taking on freelancing jobs, do you as an individual consider it a viable freelancing career for 2016? To ensure profitability of your chosen path, specializing in online marketing might just be your best decision yet.

Advantages of Taking up Digital Marketing Courses

The digital hype is seen to amplify with the booming job market while brands turn their focus on the online platform. In 2016, digital marketing professionals can anticipate bigger budgets, increased pay, and wider career prospects, which in turn assures them of a viable freelancing career.

Are you considering a career turn or debating on what to take up next? Here are the benefits of having knowledge and skills in online marketing.

1. Increases your value to employers

Professionals who obtain an Internet marketing certificate have proven to possess skills valued by many employers hoping to compete in the fast-changing market. Going for that extra mile whether you’re interested in advancing your career or seeking other opportunities will come in handy.

2. Being an in-demand marketing professional

There are 150,000 digital jobs predicted by 2020, and not enough professionals equipped with digital skills will be able to fill them. This only means that those studying digital marketing will have a unique competitive advantage—gearing themselves up for a career where demand exceeds supply. Gaining a fresh set of skills and knowledge is a sure fire way to future-proof one’s career.

3. Solidifies your core concepts

Being educated by industry experts will hand you a better grasp of the core fundamentals of digital marketing. Having skills in social media marketing and gaining knowledge in other aspects of the field such as mobile marketing can be an empowering experience. This goes without saying that earning a certificate can increase your confidence as you set new goals.

4. Gains wider career prospects

Digital giants like Google, LinkedIn, and Twitter provide an abundant job opportunity for digital professionals. Rarely does a week go by without digital jobs being announced for multinationals, national brands, and even small to medium enterprises.

At the Web Summit, Taoiseach Enda Kenny announced 400 new digital jobs across a range of digital marketing roles, including social media. Moreover, LinkedIn is set to double its workforce to 1,200 staff. Meanwhile, Microsoft plans to hire 100 more digital graduates.

5. Gives knowledge to kick-start your own business

It is no secret that Internet marketing is an in-demand skill that entrepreneurs have previously used to launch successful enterprises. A traditional career in advertising, for instance, comprises a long wait for a coveted internship or graduate placement to open up before gaining experience and advancing your portfolio.

The digital marketing world, on the other hand, grants one an endless possibility for a new career.

Investing in building a powerful social media presence, gaining a steady number of Twitter followers, and starting your own blog can kick-start a new job for you.

It is inevitable that even marketing professionals need to broaden their expertise if they desire to aim high and help their companies remain profitable. As freelancers, you should do this as well to further your professional growth and truly reap the benefits of taking on a freelancing job.